I am an adventurous, curious, and passionate discoverer who inspires others through my vulnerable expression, courage to pursue my dreams, and zest for the nectars of life. I allow my heart’s excitement to guide me in cultivating a meaningful life.

I am inspired to support those inkling for change in their lives, and those who feel discontented and unfulfilled (like I felt when I lived my corporate life). My passion is to empower these people to live a more peaceful life, free from overwhelming stress & worry, and to create a purpose-driven life they truly love.

I lived as a corporate cubicle-dweller for 7 years, and now I’m living a life I truly love & there’s no going back! 

Hi, my name is Ariel!


How I got here...

From growing up in an Orthodox Jewish community to working in the modern corporate world, I am intimately familiar with these cultural lifestyles. Despite the six-figure salary and the extravagant life, I felt unhappy & unfulfilled in my life. I felt like an imposter who didn’t belong. 

As an overachiever living in stress and experiencing chronic pains, I found myself in a depression. It’s as if I was broken into thousands of pieces. I no longer knew who I was, who my friends were, what my interests were, or what my beliefs were! I lacked meaning and connection in every area of my life. 

In time, I began building myself back up piece-by-piece, like assembling LEGO blocks. It started simply with reading self-help books, journaling, attending Meetup events, practicing yoga, all in an attempt to learn how to live a more peaceful life, without underlying stress & anxiety. Eventually, I embarked on a solo backpacking trip to India, where I discovered the feeling of freedom through being my unfiltered, unconventional self. 

After returning to my job, I was still missing a sense of belonging. So, I took an unpaid leave from my secure job and left my routine life in search of community, a place where I could feel inspired to express my true self. After a year of following my excitements, I felt a nudging desire to settle down. My heart led me to volunteering at the Mystical Yoga Farm, an intentional community & transformational retreat center in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala that was aligned with my visions & values. A few months flew by when I realized that I was actually living the detailed life I had sketched out in my drawing book only one year earlier, a life I had only ever dreamed of. 

Now, my “job” is just me “living my life.” I do what my heart desires in my life each day, and I feel at peace & fulfilled in living a purpose-driven life. Needless to say, I never returned to the corporate life I left in Los Angeles. 

If I can do it, you can too!

Ready to ARISE?

A few fun things about me

"Ariel helped me to understand why my limiting beliefs were dancing around in my mind, and he helped me to change those thoughts into positive ones. "

Amanda Migoya, 25, USA

“Ariel’s work provided a scaffold of knowledge that contextualized the rest of my experience and continues to help me to this day.”

Ryan Cadigan, 30, USA

“I'll never forget Ariel’s unapologetic self expression, which encouraged me to sing and play from my truest being as well!”

Karina Hyman, 29, USA